Spread the word: Ban compressed air

Why do we feel the way we do about compressed air?

Compressed air is dangerous.

It harms people and the planet.

It contributes to vehicle accidents and deaths.

Compressed air leaks out of tires more quickly than inert gasses, such as nitrogen. When air is released, tire pressure falls below the level vehicle manufacturers recommend for optimal safety and performance.

Under inflated tires wear out faster, which leads to blowouts. Low tire pressure also makes vehicle handling much more difficult, especially in inclement weather.

According to research from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, damaged tires contribute to almost one out of ten vehicle accidents. The same study also reports that vehicles with under-inflated tires are far more likely to be involved in crashes. Specifically, vehicles driven with tires under inflated by more than 25 percent are three times more likely to be involved in crashes caused by tire problems compared with vehicles with properly inflated tires.

It’s dirty. Period.

Compressed air also contains contaminants, including water, dust, oil, bacteria and other microorganisms. These things will damage your tires and wheel-related components from within.

Check it out: Contaminated wastewater being released from shop air compressors.

In addition, a 100 horsepower compressor produces 100 gallons of wastewater every day. The contaminants in the water can harm the people who handle it, along with the environment when it’s released into sewers or storm drains.

It’s dangerous.

Handled improperly, compressed air is known to cause on-the-job accidents, injuries and deaths. Injuries can include damage to eyes, skin, lungs, blood vessels and more.

Did you know:

  • NASA was warned by scientists to not use compressed air in the space shuttle
  • The FAA mandates no compressed air in commercial aircraft tires
  • The U.S. military, NASCAR and Formula-1 racing don’t allow the use of compressed air in tires?

With so many reasons to NOT fill tires with compressed air, why do people still use it? It doesn’t make sense.

Spread the word. Ban compressed air.

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